Guide to Ski Racing
Our Guide to Ski Racing

Welcome to our Guide to Ski Racing.  The information on this website is based on both ours, and other people experiences and should be used to reflect this.

Over time we will be adding more and more articles for you to read.  These new articles will range from letting you know the structure of the sport to where to get information on clubs and teams.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Rob.

10 Tips for Sportspeople giving Presentations

Kim Chamberlain Presentations trainer, speaker and author has been helping Rob develop his speaking and interview skills. Here Kim provides a guide on how to structure and present effectively to a group   

Neil Welch Strength and Conditioning Coach

Neil Welch strength and conditioning coach to the British Alpine Development Team outlines Rob's current training regime ahead of the European racing season

A brief summary on how FIS points work

Jacqui and Gordon Crawford give their introduction to the workings of FIS Points.

In reality, FIS points can be a complete mystery to most. Certainly it was a long time before we had a grasp of the system. This is our best effort to explain.

Kandahar Racing

Being part of a club is one of the highlights of ski racing. The Clubs arrange training camps, run race camps, act as an information funnels and help and support the racer.

Weightlifting for the Ski Racer

Neil Welch explains how Rob has used weight lifting as a key part of his summer training programme and outlines how the benefits of this work will translate into improvements on the slopes.