Neil Welch Strength and Conditioning Coach

Neil Welch strength and conditioning coach to the British Alpine Development Team outlines Rob's current training regime ahead of the European racing season

Ski conditioning - the run in to the season

Ski racing is an intense sport.  The 4 disciplines require a combination of whole body strength, speed, agility and coordination, as well as immense skill.

The way the sport runs during the season also presents it’s own challenges. It is important to find a balance between recovery and race preparation while maintaining physical performance.

The work I’ve been doing recently with Rob has been focused on increasing his power production and enhancing the way he moves.  There is only a finite amount of time for dryland training so it’s important to make sure that the work he does off the snow transfers to what he does on it. 

Every session he does has it’s a purpose and within that each exercise has a reason.  For example, the jump squats are designed to improve ski mechanics and improve his ability to hold a solid posture when tucked.    The current phase concentrates on low repetitions with a medium load allow him to develop speed without too much fatigue and maintain solid form. 

Aside from the improved power using the weights we are also working on his conditioning.  Short bouts of very high intensity work with short rest periods allow him to ski at a higher intensity for longer.

As we now move into the race season, technique becomes the focus and any dryland work he does is aimed at maintenance of his physical performance rather than any large improvements. 

Depending on his race and on snow training schedule, there may be other windows to work on performance enhancement but careful planning is required to ensure full recovery.


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